About The Author

Hello there!

My name is Meghan Broccoli, and I am a daughter to my beautiful mother & late father (Anna & Luciano), a sister to four others (Amanda, Robert, Matthew, & Nicole), and a girlfriend to my incredible boyfriend, Bryan.  I am also a graduate of Dalhousie University (in 2011).  I majored in psychology, with a strong focus in neuroscience and can happily say I graduated on the Dean’s List!  I  was accepted to the Canadian College of  Naturopathic Medicine in September of 2012.  All that I have learned and experienced along the way has prepared me for an intensive medical program. I welcome the challenge and look forward to achieving my goals in order to help others. This blog is about my journey, the stress, and  how I manage to cope… With a flare of natural recipes and funny stories!  You’ll get to know my personality pretty quickly – I’m sure – through my style of writing.  You’ll also quickly figure out that I love to cook, go fishing, go camping, biking and pretty much do anything to keep myself outdoors and active!

A bit about my past… I grew up mainly in two cities: King City and Bradford, both of which are in Ontario. I always dreamed of becoming a doctor – although, I should say, I  always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor, perhaps a cardio thoracic  surgeon or paediatrician. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really became “awed” by nature and its natural ability to help the body heal itself. I have always found a deep connection with the world though, so it’s no surprise that my path has led me to naturopathic medicine.  I have a sense of connectedness to everything around me and I truly believe that we are acted upon by the energy of those around us, and by the way we treat our body (physically with nutrition and activities, but also emotionally and mentally). I can’t even begin to explain how dedicated I am to a life of helping others re-awaken their own senses. Nothing will make me happier than helping others recognize their innate ability to heal.  I have a passion for cardiovascular health, women’s health, and physical medicine!  So whether it’s a better golf game or fewer medications you’re after – I’m the intern to book in with!

The children in my life have truly inspired me to be a better person – Lucas, Maya, Sophia, Ethan.  These

little wonders (my nieces and nephews in Canada) have reminded me what it is to truly love life.  They remind me of the beauty in even the smallest of things like ladybugs and ants.  Not a day goes by I don’t think of these kiddos.  Kids are happy to be here, truly, and they are so honest!  I intend on working with various ages when I practice but paediatrics is something that tugs at my heart strings.  Staying close to kids reminds me how we should be going through life – bright eyed and bushy tailed, hands in the dirt, barefoot in the grass.  I’m so inspired by them that I can’t wait to work with them.  We’re “kids” in our core and I’m going to spend the rest of my life tapping into that core so I stay reminded of that youth, that happiness, that eagerness to learn…

This blog is intended to have a more playful and relaxed feel to it; incorporating stories of being a medical student, some good health tips and recipes I enjoy, and a few other treats along the way! Who knows what to expect in the future so subscribe to the blog and you can follow me along this whole journey!