Did I Just Cheat?

Did I Just Cheat?

It felt so good on my lips…such sweetness in my mouth…I’ve been so good and this felt like it should be so bad…

Okay, I’m not talking about infidelities here!  For the last three weeks I have been counting my calories and lifting weights and going for jogs in my attempt to get back into a healthier state.  Sweet foods are crazy unhealthy, high in sugars and carbohydrates that just spike my insulin levels and make me want more – crazy addictive.  Delicious…but I’m pretty sure these foods were created by the health devil.  I’m overweight.  I’m fat.  I’m obese (seriously, BMI told me so!).  There are a bunch of readers right now thinking “Omg, Jess don’t say that you are so beautiful, you’re not obese!”   But the reality is I have put more food into my body than it needs and my health is on the line.  I can call myself fat and love myself.  I am beautiful…but I am unhealthy.  This harsh reality hit me like a wall a few months ago.  I’m at an increased risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, depression, joint destruction…shall I continue?

I don’t want to continue down that path.  So I’m making changes.  However, today was a particular beautiful day out (16 degrees and sunny).  Heaven after this hell of a winter we had.  I’m craving sweets, I’m in dire need of something that hits that spot and I don’t know what to do…Study.  I’ll go study.  I’ll take my mind off it – that works right?  Heck, the other night I wanted gummy worms and I went to bed instead after getting ridiculously hangry (anger from hunger) at my better half, Bryan.

Kaitland, one of my closest friends here at CCNM, wanted to go to Second Cup and I didn’t want to be alone at the school with various temptations so I agreed to come study with her.  But as you know, finals are creeping up on me (10 days away) and this is a time of high stress eating…not to mention that lovely lady is coming soon…double the cravings…I had better get out of this school and stay with a friend somewhere else!!!

Uhhhh…look at that slice of cake…it’s literally the size of my head

Bad idea…Second Cup has so many sweets…so…many…sweets.  My god…Do they ALL have to look good? I’m dying over here!!!  So I got to the counter and politely asked for a Peppermint tea over ice…yum. Butttttt, not sweet.  Truvia to the rescue!  Eh, still not what I was looking for…and then I read it…

Wildberry Loose Leaf Tea

Hellllll yes!  This was it…I ordered a large wildberry iced tea – zero calories, 100% delicious.  I added a packet of Truvia to it (I wasn’t lying – I have a sweet tooth…a bad one…).  This is going to be my go-to drink of the summer.  So colourful and wildly tasty.  It tasted like I was drinking a bunch of fresh fruit juice…fresh sweet sugar-filled fruit juice…but there was none!  Just a flavourful tea for me to indulge in.

So here’s to the fatties (like me), to the skinnies, & to the inbetweenies – if you’re looking for a drink to enjoy with friends at your local coffee shop, I recommend looking for their berry teas over ice.  They are fabulous and you won’t drink your way out of  fitting into that bikini this summer.