I Don’t Wash my Face

I Don’t Wash my Face

Uhmmmm….What?!?  It’s true.  It’s overrated.  Kind of like shaving your armpits every other day, or washing your hair.  I’m more of a “freelance artist” when it comes to my face.  I’m also Italian, through and through, which means I pretty much sweat olive oil from my pores…or so every Cosmopolitan-esque magazine told me.

When I was a teenager, I never really hit that acne stage I read about in magazines.  I would get a few pimples around my normal problem areas (side of my face where me home phone was plastered to for hours on end being one of them) but I never really had that full on attack where every spot of my face was pretty much covered.  Except for this one period in my life…I didn’t have cystic acne…but I noticed I was getting so freaking many pimples everywhere.  I bought that Oxy cleaner, Biore, Aveeno, soap – you name it.  If it said “for acne” I was grabbing it off the shelf and slathering it on my face.  Things only got worse.  I was freaking out.  I was embarrassed to go out with friends so I slathered my face in something more – foundation.

Oh yeah – that helped.  Now all those bumps on my face were the same colour but their mounds casted shadows. Horrible.  I was devastated. Not to mention the fact that I have freckle-like birth marks all over my face and it was so bloody  obvious I was covering myself up.

Over time I found the solution for my skin (and on talking to many friends – this worked for them, too!).  I finally got smoother skin, fewer breakouts, and compliments from strangers.  So how did I manage to achieve this?

I didn’t wash my face.


No, no.  Seriously.  The most soap my face saw was if my shampoo accidentally dribbled down the front of my face and I had to wipe it off!  So here’s the thing – I thought my Italian oily skin was the problem but when I stopped using products my face got super flaky in the T-zone and really greasy on the sides of my face.  I was a freak, in my opinion and began to think that maybe it wasn’t the oiliness that was causing my problems.  My mixed skin was no joy – so I asked my girlfriend Faheema what she did for her beautiful skin and her “secret” was Vitamin E.  She slathered that stuff on her face before bed and would watch TV for a bit for it to absorb just a pinch and then go to sleep.  Waking up with gleaming skin.

So I thought – I can have that too.  I bought some Vitamin E and tried.  It wasn’t a miracle for me.  It sure did make my skin a bit nicer but it didn’t help for any pimples I had currently.  I found that without physically washing my face with soap (just splashed with water in the shower 1-2 times a week) it didn’t break out as often as when I used all those acne meds.  But the Vitamin E wasn’t doing anything for the pimples…hmmph.

Enter: Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil


Ah, I love the smell of coconuts.  And coconut oil melts so nicely it just slaps right onto your face.  This is what I used on my face after a shower to moisturize (YES, because most of my breakouts were because of DRY skin and clogged pores from the skin).  My pimples were disappearing!  My skin was gleaming!  I did it!  I was thrilled. The coconut oil is antimicrobial and moisturizing.  Phenomenal!  It was no nightly routine either.  For the most part I just don’t wash my face or put anything on it.  I don’t wear makeup (minus mascara for some special events) and I don’t cover up with foundation.  I don’t use Oxy clean and I don’t put chemicals on my face.  I love my skin now.  If I have a hormonal breakout (rare) I will put tea tree oil drops into my coconut oil and put that on my face.  That deals with the demons.  If I feel my skin is dry a bit (in the winter) I use coconut oil or  vitamin e, whatever is on hand.

So ditch the s#@* and try au naturale!  It’s a great way to reduce your daily chemical burden and look fantastic.  My skin had an adjustment after I threw my stuff out but quickly evened out.  Kind of like ditching shampoo!  Don’t give up – and if you are having a really awful time, go seek out a great naturopath who can find out what exactly is happening inside your body.  Our skin can be a reflection of what’s happening inside so there may be more that you can do to help your body shine from the inside out :)