Ginger Berry Tea

I really don’t measure how much water/ginger I put in so you’ll have to play with this but here’s the general idea of it:

4-6 slices of peeled ginger root (about 1/4 in thick), if you take it from a narrow arm use about 6, if from the body of the root, you can use around 4
Favorite berry, I used 4 blackberries and 5 raspberries (this part is optional but delicious)
1 slice of lemon
1 tsp – 1 tbsp of raw honey

Fill a medium pot halfway with water or so, put the cut ginger root in the water.  Put the water onhigh to bring to a boil.  Before boiling, grab your berries one at a time and squish it in your thumb, first finger and middle finger so it lets a bit of juice out over the pot – throw the entire berry in the pot now.  Let this boil for about 10 minutes, tasting along the way to see how you like the strength.

Once it is to you tasting, put some in your favorite “sick” mug and squeeze 1/2-1 slice of lemon in the tea and melt a bit of honey in the tea.  This is a very warming tea and it helps get you through the tough moments of this sickness.  The honey is very soothing to the throat too!  Sit on the couch with a nice blanket and enjoy!