Happy New Year! Welcome Back Jessica!

Happy New Year! Welcome Back Jessica!

Here it is,

My first post in gosh-knows how long.  My life has been a whirlwind of busy mixed with new beginnings and patients galore.  Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to be swept off my feet and proposed to by my now fiance, Bryan!  In that same breath, we also found out that we are expecting our first child, a baby boy – Maverick. I wanted to be more active on this blog but with the exhaustion that comes with first trimester and the incredible amount of effort I’ve been putting into my final year, my internship at CCNM, I’ve let this go.

It’s time to come back.  I’m ready to make my next post on SHL, but first I had to update you all on the marvellous news in my life.  In just 4 short months I’ll be graduating and moving to Peterborough where life will begin.  I will be writing my board exams in the summer, raising a child, and marrying the love of my life.  There’s been some bumps along the way, so I wanted to write a few posts in the upcoming weeks about stress that you cannot control and how to deal with your emotions, I also wanted to share a few honest truths about pregnancy, and some new recipes!

It’s time – time to get excited!  SHL is releasing some BIG posts.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Let me know – would you be interested in video blog posts in the future?