Find an ND

So you’ve read all this great stuff and you’re looking for help now. Don’t just go out all willy-nilly and find anyone with a door that says “Natural Medical Advice” on it! You need to find yourself a properly licensed naturopathic doctor.
How do I find a naturopathic doctor near me?
By clicking this link and following the instructions on site you can locate a naturopathic doctor anywhere in Ontario! Either put in your street address or put in your city and province, voila! Click search after selecting how many kilometres you’re willing to drive (don’t push enter, this doesn’t really work…not sure why??) and you’ll have some licensed NDs pop up!

I’m not in Ontario, can you still help me find a local ND?
I sure can! Instead of following the link above, please click here and type in your city (if you don’t know the name of a particular doctor) and click search!

I live in the United States, how can I find a naturopathic doctor?
There’s another website to find a naturopath if you’re living in the U.S.A. (a database also available to Canadians) and you can find your next doctor by clicking here. Some of the doctors actually have a description of their practice’s focus (acupuncture, counselling, paediatrics, etc) so you can find the one that fits you best.
It’s that easy! You’re well on your way to seeing a physician who will work with you…congratulations! I always say it’s worth it to invest money in your health, but please don’t hesitate to talk to the doctor you want to see if you’re not seeing them strictly because of cost. Perhaps they may be willing to work something out with you – you never know.