Gluten-free Banana Pancakes

Seriously, you will never make (gluten) pancakes again!  Two ingredients (and some extras if you want…) and that’s that!

1 banana
2 eggs

pumpkin spice
ground flaxseed meal
fresh fruit (on top)

What’s the deal??  A banana and a couple eggs?  Yes!  I’m serious!


Mash up that ripe banana, mix in your eggs…okay okay it may be lumpy…that’s okay!  You can put it in a food processor if this reallllyyy bugs you but it tastes delicious as it cooks ;)
Alright, now add in your spices if you want, your flax, whatever! Play with this recipe!!!  Cook it in a bit of coconut oil (virgin) and a bit of butter (yum).  you can spoon baby pancakes or make big ones.  Personally, I like the big ones they get really fluffy when you flip them over to cook the 2nd side.  Seriously, cook them like you would a pancake!

You don’t even need syrup on top of these!  They’re delicious AS IS.