The Best Tuna Salad You’ll Ever Eat

What a delicious recipe passed down to me from my mother with a couple tweaks of my own! This recipe is the easiest to throw together and if you don’t put the oil and vinegar on it you can keep it fresh in the fridge for a while! BONUS! So let’s get to it…

Flaked White Tuna
5 Bean Medley
Red Onion or Scallions
Orange or Red Pepper
Artichoke Hearts
Vinegar & Oil to taste

Drain and rinse your five-bean medley and throw it into a bowl – sure, throw it! Just don’t spill any on the floor, okay? Now go ahead and chop up that red onion (or scallion); however much and however small (or big) you like it! Chop up the celery, orange or red (or yellow for that matter!) pepper and throw that in the bowl too. Have fun with it, try different sizes and get creative. Artichoke hearts are a great addition because you may get away with using the oil from the marinade here, I still cut them up and make them smaller but do what you feel you want to! Once that’s all put together, drain your tuna and *plop* it on top. Now, grab a couple forks and toss it to mix the ingredients. When you’re ready to serve top with oil if necessary and vinegar (white, red, balsamic, ANYTHING!). I love to top mine with some healthy fats, like those of an avocado…Yum! Eat up!

This recipe for me was free of: Gluten, Dairy, Soy