A Monkey’s Favourite Smoothie

A Monkey’s Favourite Smoothie

This is kind of frothy, it has a unique texture!  Buttttt, I loved the simplicity of it!  If you are trying to beef it up, you can throw in some natural peanut butter!  I’ve done that before and the flavour is unreal!  For me, I used enough water to fill a small measuring cup – play around with this – it’s not meant to be a perfect measurement recipe!


 1 Banana (ripe)
 Water (to your preference)
 Cinnamon (to taste!)

Throw them all into a measuring cup, magic bullet, food processor, blender – whatever you’ve got and mix until frothy and enjoy the heck out of it!  I used a hand held blender in my measuring cup to make this.  I also added a ton of cinnamon to help even out the sugar from the banana (since it helps normalize your blood glucose…no big deal!).  Nom nom away my friends!

When to use this? 

When you're in a hurry in the morning (it takes seconds)
As a dessert after dinner
As a treat when you're craving something sweet 
When you want to eat but you're counting calories

Or wherever you like! I’d sip with a straw, chug it back, sip it slow – however you like it…you can learn to experiment with this great base.  Craving chocolate?  Mix in straight cocoa for some flavour without the calories of a chocolate bar!

Enjoy my friends!


Did you try this recipe or a variation of?  Share your “yum” moment below!  I’d love to hear about it!