Weight-Loss Pills: “I want my money back!”

Weight-Loss Pills: “I want my money back!”

You’re onto the next big thing – this one’s truly it…it’s going to be the pill/powder/tablet bottle that finally gets you to your goal weight! And if it doesn’t, nothing will!

*cough cough*


if-wishing-could-make-it-so-3Okay, that’s kind of bulls#%t! And it’s exactly why I wanted to talk about something called PGx today. Something that I actually don’t hate…but it’s a pill I saw a lot of people reaching for at Costco, and something I want you to know about. Or maybe you already know about it – and tried it – and thought natural supplements won’t work for your weight loss. Great — whichever group you’re in – stick around for the rest of this post and see if you can’t learn something new.

I have struggled with weight since my second year of university...okay...maybe since high school. So trust me, I understand the   reality of the struggle! I recently had a lecture on obesity and   weight loss and felt compelled to write this post.

There are SO many reasons why somebody isn’t losing weight or why somebody is gaining weight.  These include obvious reasons: you’re eating too much and not doing enough physical activity to counter the eating (my vice), to other reasons like your body is super efficient and preserves your energy even in times of less food intake (can I claim this as my vice, too, please??), or maybe there is a metabolic pathway out of whack and you’re not burning energy at the proper rate for weight loss.

Whatever your reason for weight gain or lack of weight loss, one thing is for certain: there is not a single ONE SIZE FITS ALL PROGRAM to get you to lose weight in a healthy and successful (that means keeping it off) manner. Believe me, I’m the girl who weighs 200lbs one May and 165 in the Fall….to back up to 190lbs a year later…Why? I wasn’t going after the real reason I kept gaining weight back…

OH right – I was talking about PGx…let’s get to that then shall we?


PGx is more awkwardly known as polyglycoplex - a fibre that has these crazy polysaccharides that hold a TON of water. Translation? Down some of this stuff and it fills with     water like a sponge and takes up space in your tummy so you don't reach for that second (or third) helping of french fries at the carnival.
It's actually a really neat product! And it does what it   says - it absorbs water and increases the "full feeling",  it helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and it even helps lower LDL cholesterol (the cholesterol you want less of).  So why am I writing about it if it is actually pretty good? Because I don't want you to fall trap to it.

PGX, like any fibre you’re taking to help your blood sugar and cholesterol and satisfaction after a meal, works in select populations. Is it harmful to take? Not really, unless you’re on meds – because it will slow their absorption so you have to take it away from meds, and it may cause some slight discomfort in your abdomen – but really this is not a scary product. But studies that show it is effective do so in a controlled environment where people either incorporated exercise or some dietary controls.  9-weight-lossProducts that push this “feeling of fullness” make you want to buy them because they seem like the fix — the fix you need! You eat too much so you’ll likely see a benefit to using this product! You just need to feel more full to stop eating, right?…WRONG.  What about people who eat too much because it makes them feel good…they don’t listen to their “hunger pangs”, they eat because they like it…it feels good…maybe they call themselves “emotional eaters”. PGX does not address this issue. And what about those with the metabolic conditions impacting their ability to lose weight?? PGX simply cannot fix these issues. But you and I can.  I don’t want you to get down on yourself when things that work for your friends don’t seem to work for you.  Many products out there may work — but your situation may be unique.  Let’s figure it out together.


15-weight-loss-pillsIf you’re struggling to shed the pounds and you’ve tried it all – it’s time to come see me in clinic. Let me investigate why you’re having such a hard time and we can put together a weight-loss plan that keeps your unique body chemistry in mind. E-mail me to book now!