Even More Pregnancy Truths: Part II

Even More Pregnancy Truths: Part II

4. Having a midwife can be the most amazing and difficult experience

I imagined thoroughly enjoying my visits to my midwife. Long visits, tailored care, informed consent (for real)…much like the naturopaths of pregnancy! But, reality is – birth happens. At any time. And a midwife’s first priority is that beautiful life coming into this world. My experience with my midwives was a lot of cancelled appointments last minute and difficulty balancing appointments with my own patient appointments!

I absolutely can’t get over how great it was though, to have a range of 10 minute visits – 45 minutes depending on my needs and questions. Some days I had no questions and others they all came out of the woodwork and my midwives would take time in the visit to answer them! I’m not sure what it is like with an OB-GYN but I have loved my midwife appointments. Did I mention that the offices are like mini bedrooms?? I got to hang out and listen to bub’s heartbeat every visit while lying down on a beautiful bed. Pure comfort.

 5. There’s so much going on down there

So, you wake up and you have a little bit of blood in your underwear and you panic. You also had some fun and did the dirty last night…did that hurt the baby?! I certainly thought so! I thought no way is any bloody discharge normal. Turns out that your cervix does a lot of changing, too! Blood supply increases and it softens…if your “dirty” involves a little bit more roughness the spotting is absolutely normal. This is normal through all trimesters. But remember, it should be light, and not accompanied by cramping! Ask your doctor if you have a have had a miscarriage or if you are not sure if your bleeding is normal. You should also seek emergency care if you have profuse bleeding (painful or painless!), see tissue, have cramping or pain, get faint or dizzy, are running a fever or get contractions after having sex.

Oh – did your friend who was pregnant also forget to mention that you literally feel like you constantly need to change your undies?! Not because of blood…but your vagina literally becomes this portal for the liberation of anything that can be created in there! White discharge, clear discharge…it all comes out of there and it feels incredibly awkward. Sometimes I just had to laugh but I swear – I would have loved to know this was normal…all the time…and a LOT of it. Honestly, I thought I was broken or that I was leaking amniotic fluid so after reading forum after forum I recognized this was legit and I wasn’t an oddball. So if you’re pregnant – know you’re not alone!! I had a good chuckle because my one week worth of laundry usually consists of like 18 pairs of undies alone…yep. Get ready!

 6. Lightning crotch is actually a thing

This one I was warned about. And I thought I understood it. You know? Pressure…pushing on your bladder, pushing down, feeling like an arm might pop out of your nether regions?? Yeah…no. That’s not it. It’s this crazy sensation that once you feel it, you’ll know. It is like this zap that goes up or down your body – depending on what babe is pressing on. The more your babe presses on your cervix the great the chance of them pressing on nerves and those nerves shoooooot! It feels insane down there – that’s the only word I can really use. But, I can tell you I thought my sisters meant “pressure” and “heaviness” down there and a constant need to go to the bathroom with this weird “I have to stop and hold my belly up” kinda feeling…but it’s more electrical…Thanks to my brother I have the experience of touching live wires and feeling what it’s like to be slightly electrocuted and it’s kind of like that but in your vagina…(note: I do not recommend touching live wires to see what it might feel like).

7. There’s so many more truths

But let’s be honest – you’re done reading for the night and are about to “x” out of this blog. So check back in the next couple weeks and see what other truths I’ve got to spill about pregnancy from my personal experiences!